Haitao Prepares for RTO on the Main Board of NYSE-Euronext Paris


Paris, France - 2017.12.12 - SGCI has been hired by Qinhuangdao Haitao WangFu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Limited   to assist with the RTO of a shell company listed on Nyse Euronext C in Paris. We will be providing services required to reach the best use of the shell company by HAITAO, including the structure planning of the merger and negotiations and management of the different counterparts involved.

SGCI will assist HAITAO in its business development with a listing on the French market, as well as potential future collaborations, whilst focusing on a high standard of corporate governance. The first step will be the utilisation of our team of advisors, lawyers, auditors, and relevant experts to coordinate the RTO and make sure that the process is executed with the best interest of the company and its investors in mind.

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